Staying Mentally and Physically Healthy

My job can be very stressful and I have found that exercise can help me stay positive. It is important to be on an even keel physically and mentally when you deal with people on a regular basis. Something as simple as installing a pull up bar in my office has been keeping me going. I don’t have time to run off to the gym most days or even nights. When you are doing grief counseling, people need you at that moment—not three hours later. It is a very demanding kind of job. I used to like working out a lot to stay fit as a fiddle, but work has gotten in the way over the years, even when I was employed at a hospital in a similar role. I just didn’t have adequate time even though I supposedly had regular hours. I have to make do with what I call a makeshift exercise program. You know, the kind where you stand up when seated at your office chair and repeat the motion endless times to work the quads. You also rotate your shoulders while seated and also the head. It helps get the cobwebs out and the blood circulating. You can even rotate your ankles for that matter. You can do lunges or deep knee bends across the floor or you can use small weights to perform curls and over-the-head movements. You can in effect make your office a mini gym as long as you are discreet. If clients come in, you don’t want weights strewn about the floor. They aren’t in a position to understand your need for exercise so you can perform your job better.

I thought adding a pull up bar to the room would add another and different dimension to my exercise routine and I could put it in the ceiling out of view. It would be there to prod me into action. I would try to do chin ups a couple times a week. Of course, I don’t have room for a multi component bike station or a treadmill. That would be ideal. They make them suitable for home use and small spaces. In any case, the pull up bar hardly takes space at all. I reach up and grab it and go.

This ceiling pull up bar I chose has dual position risers. It was suggested as the best option. The bars drop 14″ from your ceiling providing plenty of headroom and a full range of motion. You have the confidence of knowing it fits your desired placement now and in the future. This bar fits 16″ and 24″ joists and is ergonomically designed to reduce strain and increase gains during workouts. Featuring ideal 20″ spacing on the parallel grips and angled bars for a more natural grip position, the all-steel construction bar delivers good workouts every day. I do feel better having taken the action of installing the bar. I highly recommend it for people like me who are stressed and pressed for time.