New and Improved Community Kitchen

Our church community kitchen gets a lot of wear and tear. It is in the basement but that doesn’t deter anyone from climbing down a flight of stairs to access it. It is used throughout the week to prepare for social functions and on Sunday for special events after the service. There always seems to be a celebration in store. A kitchen like ours can feed hundreds in a pinch. People seem to come and go on a regular basis as a result. The large space can house dozens of people in the process of making preparations. There is a six-burner oven and a huge expanse of countertop, which you need when doing large catering jobs. The fridge is practically new as it was donated by a church member. That saved us a bundle so we can take care of other concerns. All in all, it is a fairly updated space. There is only one thing missing: a new kitchen faucet. The old one leaks and is too small to easily fill large pots. It isn’t that the sink itself is small—it is one open area—but that the faucet seems more suited to a single family home.

We took a poll of the people who frequent the kitchen. They seem to know their way around it. They seemed to like Delta faucets for a replacement. The brand has multiple price points and gets good reviews. I loved the website where you could select your finish and then the components one by one. They would then display the relevant models.

Everyone was ecstatic about getting an upgrade. The communal kitchen faucet works hard. Filling pots. Washing dishes. Rinsing food. But could it do more? Many homeowners and kitchen workers are making their kitchens even more hardworking by selecting the best kitchen faucets that help them use water smarter. From the beginning, Delta has sought out innovative solutions to help people use water in better ways. These smart features, found across their offerings, are helping to improve the lives of more and more people every day. While this applies to any family kitchen, it certainly would be true for our church version.

What we liked in the Delta was the technology that made cleaning up messy hands easy. Beverage faucets let anyone get a cold drink while washing the dishes. And pull down faucets deliver water right where you need it. That is a real boon in an industrial type kitchen. We saw that Delta has a range of kitchen faucets—in finishes to suit every preference—so you can customize your kitchen around your needs.

Then other decisions have to be made. Single handle or two handle? Pull down or wall mount pot filler? Yes to touch technology. Delta has a kitchen faucet for every preference and in a variety of finishes including bronze and stainless. We selected a nice polished chrome. It would match the finish on the stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Even a church kitchen has to look nice!